Why this site?
It's my conviction that everything mankind has produced should be digitally accessible on the internet, and it was a miracle to me why Chamberlain's great works weren't there. I became interested in Chamberlain after reading a newspaper article about Cosima Wagner, Trevor Ravenscroft's book Spear of Destiny (great fun to read but don't expect historical truth, that book is about other truths...) and a collection of Chamberlain-reviews, bought from a Dutch antiquarian. When I searched for Chamberlain's books on the internet I found none. Intolerable! So I decided to built a site of my own, with all source-texts I could find.
Are you a Nazi, Fascist, etc.?
Heck no. I'm very well capable of distinguishing people from their systems. I value the individual Jew, Mohammedan, Catholic, Communist or whatever according to his character, but I believe that the group of Jews, the group of Mohammedans, Catholics, Communists, i.e. the political and religious systems, have a character too, and not always a pleasant one. Right now the Western world is facing an old arch enemy, the Islam. That religion won't accept a second place in society, and it will continue its murderous job, to fight the idolaters until Allah's religion reigns supreme (Quran, 2:193). The idolaters, that means us. At school I had to learn that all people are equal and all cultures equivalent; if this were true, high cultures have never existed. I'm glad there have been people like H. St. Chamberlain who taught the opposite.

May I copy photos and texts?
Please go ahead. You may copy and publish Chamberlain's texts wherever you want. If you own a site about a related topic, have some space left, and are willing to publish Chamberlain's books, please do so. It will improve the accessibility of his work, and this site won't be here forever.

you can help
building this site

I'm trying to make this site as complete as possible. If you have any Chamberlainiana at your disposal, photographs, books, essays, pamphlets, reviews, whatever, in any language, and if you are willing to make this material digitally accessible by anyone researcher or interested layman in the internet world, I will gladly provide the space.
Please drop me a line before you send me anything, because I have a lot of material myself that I haven't posted yet.

Right now I'm thinking of:

Scans of book-covers and pamphlets, any language, preferably 200-300 pixels high, but any size will do. See the bibliography-page for examples.

Scans of photographs to complete the gallery-page. Any size will do, but the larger the better.

Book titles that are not yet on the bibliography-page. I know there are dissertations and other Chamberlain-material that is worth mentioning.

Transcriptions of reviews. Scans of the pages will do, I don't need the antique newspapers they came from unless you want to throw them away of course.

Reports of dead links. Seen one lately? Send an email.
Corrections of my translations. English isn't my native tongue; if you encounter an expression that needs improvement, please let me know. I'm also looking for someone to proof-read the following translations:

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