History (German edition):
1892: 1st edition. 8º. VIII and 144 pages.
1906: 2nd edition. 8º. VIII and 150 pages.
1908: 3rd edition. 8º. VIII and 150 pages.
1910: 4th edition. 150 pages.
1914: 5th edition. 150 pages.
1921: 6th edition. VIII, 150 pages.
1973: Reprint of the 3rd edition, 150 pages, by Sändig Reprint Verlag.
1999: Reprint of the 3rd edition, X and 150 pages, by Sändig Reprint Verlag.

History (French edition):
1894: 1st edition, published by Chailley. XI and 268 pages.
1897: New edition, published by Librairie Fischbacher.
2001: Reprint, published by Adamant Media Corporation. 282 pages.

History (Catalan edition):
1902: 1st edition. 8º. VIII and 222 pages.
Note: Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, is the second Wagner-city in the world, after Bayreuth. In 1955, alternative Festspiele were held here.

History (English edition):
1923: 1st edition. VIII and 240 pages.
2001: Reprint, published by Best Books / Library Reprints.
2007: Reprint, published by Library Reprints. 254 pages.
2007: CD-ROM edition, published by Library Reprints. 254 pages.

Chamberlain - Das Drama Richard Wagners 6th ed. 1921
Chamberlain — The Wagnerian Drama, 1923
6th. German edition,
English edition,
Echte Briefe an Ferdinand Praeger 18942.

Richard Wagner. Echte Briefe an Ferdinand Praeger
Published by Grau'sche Buchhandlung, Bayreuth 1894. Richard Wagner's real letters to F. Praeger, with an introduction by Hans von Wolzogen. Parts of this book were first published in the Bayreuther Blätter, see below, here, and here. The second edition was renamed to Richard Wagner an Ferdinand Praeger.

This book was a critique on another book, written by the Jewish-German musician and piano teacher Dr. F. Praeger, Wagner as I knew him, with the correspondence between him and Wagner, published by Longmans & Green, London 1892. According to Chamberlain, the letters were poorly translated (A truly Teutonic kind of English, as the New York Times wrote), and gave an unfair impression of Wagner. After the publication of Chamberlain's version of the correspondence, publisher Breitkopf & Härtel felt obliged to take back and destroy the entire German edition (Wagner, wie ich ihn kannte, Leipzig 1892) of Praeger's book. Meaning that this book is Rare...

George Ainslie Hight noted that In England and America it still seems to be widely read, and is, more than any other single work, responsible for the false notions that are abroad about Wagner. Prof. Field wrote: It is unclear why Praeger should have written so flawed a book. It did contain serious errors of fact and chronology, some of them, admittedly, arising out of problems of translation. Ernest Newman was puzzled by the whole affair and wondered whether the author of it is not to be regarded as a diseased rather than a criminal type. Yet this distorted account of an unbalanced man who wanted to write himself into history was in many respects closer to the truth than the Wahnfried mythology and this is what made it so dangerous (Evangelist of Race, p. 139).

Contains: Vorwort von Hans von Wolzogen Kritische Vorarbeit von Houston Stewart Chamberlain Richard Wagner's echte Briefe an Ferdinand Praeger Nachträge von Houston Stewart Chamberlain I & II Brief Richard Wagner's an August Roeckel nach Prag.

1894: 1st edition, Richard Wagner. Echte Briefe an Ferdinand Praeger. 8º. IX and 124 pages, published by Grau'sche Buchhandlung.
1908: 2nd edition, Richard Wagner an Ferdinand Praeger. 8º. 188 pages, published by Schuster und Loeffler, Berlin and Leipzig. Revised edition.

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